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Animal Nutrition

Animal nutrition salts are used as raw materials for industrially produced feed mixes or as ready-to-use nutritional supplements in breeding. K plus S Middle East FZE represents potassium, magnesium and sodium chloride salts as well as lick blocks for animal nutrition which are suitable both for conventional and organic agriculture.

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Product & Process Certification GMP+

The GMP+ certification for K plus S Middle East FZE confirms the high quality benchmark of the production and manufacturing process of the company.Certification GMP+ B3


KaSa® – Natural Mineral Salts for Animal Health

A sufficient supply of minerals and consistently high quality of feed are primary factors for animal health and wellbeing. Under the brand name KaSa® we offer potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate as feed ingredients.

SOLSEL® lick blocks

Modern animal husbandry requires optimal feeding. Healthy and powerful animals make headway in mast and sport, for milk production and breeding. Lick blocks play a significant role as a simple and effective supplement to feeding.