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GranuAid®: the additive with multiple benefits

January 19, 2021

GranuAid® is a natural and organic anhydrous Magnesium Sulphate, mined in Germany, containing 98% MgSO4, used as an additive, internal desiccant, anti-caking or stabilizing agent in the production of solid fertilizers. K+S is the only producer of this natural formula in the market and therefore provides a unique competitive advantage to solid fertilizer manufacturers.

GranuAid® has multiple benefits:

  • better granulation
  • prevents caking by lowering moisture in the finished product
  • improves Mg content in the final product

Click here to download the technical brochure:

Technical Fact Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Multiple applications

In Ammonium Nitrate based fertilizers (AN, CAN, ASN, ASS), GranuAid® is applied at 0.1–1.0%, typically 5–10 kg/MT to improve granule strength and keep the material free-flowing during storage. In NPK complexes (DAP-AS based fertilizer complexes), GranuAid® has multiple applications and benefits: applied to the hot melt before granulation to chemically bind water as water of crystallization; applied as coating on the powder surface to strongly absorb free moisture from the air and finally applied at packaging to absorb left over moisture during storage. GranuAid® is virtually free from organic compounds, chlorides and heavy metals. This helps to complement the fertilizers with additional nutrients such as Mg and S in traces. 

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