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soluCMS®: the nutritional complement to water-soluble fertilizers

April 27, 2020

soluCMS® is a natural anhydrous Magnesium Sulfate fertilizer. It is used as a straight water-soluble fertilizer and in the production of water-soluble fertilizer blends to complement with additional nutrients such as Mg and S. soluCMS® reduces caking and keeps the water-soluble fertilizer blend free-flowing to improve the overall storage quality.

Origin and composition

Our specialty soluCMS® is produced by the calcination of natural kieserite (MgSO4 monohydrate) extracted from K+S mines in Germany. The chemical composition has highly concentrated magnesium sulphate (98.4% MgSO4), along with the other constituents in traces (K2SO4 0.3%, CaSO4 0.4%, NaCl 0.2%, and water of crystallization 0.4%), therefore ideal for producing water-soluble fertilizer blends.


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Technical Fact Sheet (PDF)

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Why do you benefit of the application?

Use of soluCMS® offers potential benefits to water-soluble fertilizer manufacturers, thanks to the addition of Mg in traces (0.1–0.5%). It improves the performance of the fertilizer blends on plant growth. soluCMS® applied to water-soluble NOP (KNO3, 13.5-0-46) keeps the product free flowing, dry and prevents caking due to its desiccant and anti-caking agent properties.

Advisory of K+S

The advisory service of K+S aims at transferring existing and new research findings in the field of plant nutrition to agricultural practice. Farmers all over the world benefit from this know-how, which enables them to implement new and promising methods in their fertilisation practice, and to thereby improve yields and quality of their harvests. Our commitment and our expertise represent a significant contribution to securing global food supply and to protect the livelihoods of farmers. Feel free to approach us:

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