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soluFamily: the new product portfolio for fertigation

December 16, 2019

In addition to Specialty and Novelty fertilizer products, K+S offers innovative completely water-soluble fertilizers under the K+S soluFamily brand. K+S soluFamily offers a wide range of various high-purity and fully water-soluble fertilizers of plant nutrients required to meet the nutrient demand of crops at different growth stages. Applying nutrients using the right source and the right rate at the right time is essential for farmers to achieve high yield and thus better farm profits with improved nutrient use efficiency. The soluFamily of K+S offers growers the best source of plant nutrients based on crop requirement at a critical growth stage while addressing nutrient deficiencies. With the advancements of crop production technologies, our range of fully water-soluble fertilizer products provide a low salt index (meaning free of chloride, sodium, and other toxic elements) and enable the growers to supply nutrients through soil application, foliar fertilization, fertigation and hydroponics cultivation in the salt affected alkaline soils. K+S offers globally proven innovative plant nutrition solutions by integrating state-of the-art mining and manufacturing technologies. We hope that the growers in the region benefit from the application of soluFamily products and achieve higher crop yields and farm profits while contributing to a sustainable soil and plant health.

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